5:30 pm - 8 pm

Soupe à l'oignon $10

French Onion soup gratinée

Moules $10

6 Open mussels with parsley butter and garlic

Escargots $13

6 Burgundy snails with parsley butter and garlic

Salade d'asperges $10

Mix salad, asparagus, tomatoes, red onion, olive oil and balsamic

Frivolité de saumon fumé. $12

Goat cheese wrapped in smoked salmon & cilantro sauce

Salade Provençale $12

Artichoke, Niçoise olives, tomatoes & olives tapenade served with salad – Add anchovies: $3

Salade aux lardons $12

Salad, bacon, croutons & poached egg

Fromages $16

3 French Cheeses plate

Chartreuse de crabe $12

Crab salad, cucumber, tomato confit, salad & fresh herbs sauce

Pétoncles $19

6 Half shells scallops & Hollandaise sauce

Moules et Pétoncles $15

Duo 3 open mussels with parsley butter & garlic and 3 half shells scallops & hollandaise sauce

Available only according to supply

Marinieres $19

Mussels, butter, garlic, celery & white wine

Provençales $19

Mussels, garlic, celery, tomatoes & white wine

Curry et Crème $20

Mussels garlic, celery, white wine, heavy cream & curry

Le Vol au Vent $23

Chicken in puff pastry, mushrooms, green asparagus and light creamy tarragon sauce

Le Cabillaud $23

Cod filet and Hollandaise sauce served with diced tomatoes & rice

Le Saumon $24

Salmon, potatoes crêpe & spinach, beurre blanc

Le Canard à l'orange $26

Duck leg confit and orange sauce

La Choucroute $34

Scallops, Shrimps, Mussels, Cod, Scottish Salmon served over Sauerkraut, potatoes & white wine sauce

La Noix de Saint-Jacques $33

Scallops in puff pastry & beurre blanc sauce

Aile de Raie $29

Skate wings, capers and butter lemon sauce

Le Steak Tartare $34

8oz Steak tartare served with French fries

L'Agneau $36

Rack of lamb & pesto sauce

Le Foie gras de canard $39

Seared pan duck foie gras with caramelized apples & baby potatoes

La Sole meuniére $36

Sole filet “Meuniere”

Le Filet de boeuf $48

8oz Filet mignon & pepper sauce

Terre et Mer $59

Surf & Turf

8oz Filet mignon, Jumbo shrimps & pepper sauce

"Le Burger" By Chef Jean-Christophe $29

Brioche buns, ground duck, tomato confit, onion jam & arugula

Add slice Foie gras $10

La Crème brûlée $9

Traditional creamy with fresh vanilla custard and a caramelized sugar top

L'Île Flottante $9

Vanilla cream, beaten egg white & caramelized sauce

Baba au Rhum $10

Savarin baba saturated in Rum syrup, stuffed with whipped cream

"La tarte citron" by chef Jean-Christophe $10

Lemon mouss with caramelized almond biscuit and meringue

Le macaron chocolat $12

French chocolate macaron, raspberry with chocolate ganache

La Profiterole $13

Profiteroles stuffed with vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a chocolate sauce

Les Soufflés

Vanilla-raspberry OR chocolate $12  /  Vanilla-Grand Marnier OR Raspberry-chocolate $15

Chef's Tasting Menu

Whole table served
 $79 per guest – 4 glasses wine pairing $50 


Chartreuse de crabe

Crab salad, cucumber, tomato confit, salad &fresh herbs sauce


Noix de Saint-Jacques rôtie

Scallops wrapped in bacon over sauerkraut & its mousseline


Profiterole de foie gras de canard

Seared pan duck Foie gras in a profiterole & caramelized apples


Burger de canard

Ground duck breast tomato confit, onion jam & arugula in brioche buns


Cromesqui de chèvre

Breaded goat cheese


Macaron chocolat framboise

Valrhona chocolate raspberries macaron