Hors d'oeuvre


Salade Provençale $14, (Add anchovies: $3)

Salade Provençale

$14, (Add anchovies: $3)

Artichoke/ Black Niçoise olives/ tomatoes/red onions/ mix green

Salade de chèvre $15

Salade de chèvre


Warm Goat cheese/ crouton/ grape tomatoes/ red onion/ mix green

Salade Niçoise $15, (Add anchovies : $3)

Salade Niçoise

$15, (Add anchovies : $3)

Tuna/ grape tomatoes/ red onions/ Black Niçoise olives/ hard boiled egg/ mix green


Le Saumon $27

Le Saumon


Salmon cooked in potatoes crêpe/ spinach/ beurre blanc

La Choucroute $39

La Choucroute


Scallops/ Shrimps/ Mussels/ Cod/ Salmon/ Sauerkraut/ baby potatoes/ white wine sauce

La Noix de Saint-Jacques $43

La Noix de Saint-Jacques


Scallops in puff pastry/ spinach/ beurre blanc sauce

La Sole meunière 40

La Sole meunière


Sole filet “Meuniere”/ butter parsley lemon

Le Canard à l’orange $31

Le Canard à l’orange


Duck leg confit/ orange sauce

Le Steak Tartare $35

Le Steak Tartare


8oz Steak tartare served & toasts

L’Agneau $43



Rack of lamb/ pesto sauce

Le Foie Gras de canard $46

Le Foie Gras de canard


Seared pan duck Foie Gras/ caramelized apples/ baby potatoes

Le Filet de boeuf $55

Le Filet de boeuf


8oz Filet mignon/ red wine sauce

Le Rossini $75

Le Rossini


8oz Filet mignon/ seared pan duck Foie Gras/ black truffle sauce

Coq au vin $28

Coq au vin


Chicken prepared “in coq au vin way”/ mushrooms, bacon lardon/ red wine sauce/ green asparagus

La truite aux amandes $27

La truite aux amandes


Trout almandine & brown lemon butter sauce

Les desserts

L’Île flottante $9

L’Île flottante


Vanilla cream/ beaten egg white/ caramelized sauce and almond

Le cube Chocolat $9

Le cube Chocolat


Dark & white chocolate cube duo 

Le Saint-Honore $11

Le Saint-Honore


Traditional choux pastry dipped in caramelized sugar stuffed with mousseline cream

Le Pavlova $9

Le Pavlova


Pavlova cake (meringue, red fruits, white chocolate mousse, lime zest & coulis)

Le Paris-Brest $9

Le Paris-Brest


Cream puff stuffed with hazelnut praline paste

La tarte au chocolat $10

La tarte au chocolat


Chocolate tart, salted caramel, almond & nuts

Le Fruit de la Passion $10

Le Fruit de la Passion


Passio fruit mousse – jelly over Madeleine cake & its pearls

Le Macaron $12

Le Macaron


Raspberry macaron, white chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis



Opera cake

layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee


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