Prix Fixe - $16.90

Mimosa … $8, Second One … 50% OFF

1st Course

Soupe à l’oignon gratinée

French onion soup gratinée


Tomate mozzarella

Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese


Salade mixte

Mixed salad, tomatoes and red onion

2nd Course

Choice of one mini quiche : Lorraine, Salmon-Spinach or Mushrooms

Served with salad


Bouchée à la reine

Chicken, mushrooms, béchamel sauce in puff pastry and cheese


Oeuf Bénédicte

Muffin, Ham, 2 Poached eggs, Hollandaise

3rd Course

Crêpe au chocolat

Île Flottante

Mini quiche Lorraine ou aux champignons $7

Quiche with mushrooms, onions, cheese OR quiche with bacon, onions, cheese served with salad

Mini quiche au saumon $8

Quiche with Scottish salmon and spinach served with salad

Duo de 2 mini quiches $13

Choose 2 mini quiches between Lorraine, mushrooms or salmon served with salad

Bouchée à la reine $14

Chicken, mushrooms, béchamel sauce in puff pastry and cheese

Croque Monsieur (*Madame extra $1) $12

Sandwich with ham, Swiss cheese, béchamel sauce served with salad

Steak-frites sauce béarnaise $16

8 oz steak with béarnaise sauce and french fries

Moules marinières $17

Steamed mussels garlic, celery and white wine

French fries $4

Soupe à l’oignon $9

French onion soup

Escargots de bourgogne (6 pieces) $12

Burgundy snails with parsley butter and garlic

Salade niçoise $10

Tuna, tomatoes, black olives, hard boiled egg, red onion served with salad

Salade aux lardons et oeuf poché $10

Salad, bacon, croutons and poached egg

Assiette de 3 fromages $10

3 cheeses plate served with salad

Salade d’asperges $9

Asparagus salad, tomatoes and red onions

Dessert du jour $7

Ask about our daily dessert

Crumble pommes et glace vanille $7

Apple cinnamon crumble and vanilla ice cream

Poire pepper mint et sauce chocolat $7

Crème brûlée $7